ScreenTalk: David de Lautour

David de Lautour
David de Lautour talks about the 'outrageous' challenge of playing family patriarch Ted West in the Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside.


David de Lautour has had acting success in both NZ and the United States. In this ScreenTalk, he talks about playing family patriarch Ted West in the Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside.

David debuted with small roles in Xena: Warrior Princess before moving on to kidult shows Being Eve and The Amazing Extraordinary Friends. Now based in LA, de Lautour has been seen in a number of big US dramas such as NCIS and Once Upon a Time, plus sitcom What I Like about You

In this ScreenTalk, David talks about:

  • Being sacrificed on an altar for Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Feeling excited about getting a role on the kidult sitcom Being Eve
  • Initially feeling unsure if Power Rangers was right for him
  • Getting comfortable making mistakes on the set of Legend of the Seeker
  • Being a cog in the well-oiled machine that is US drama series NCIS
  • The thrill of wearing an All Black jersey playing Stephen Donald in The Kick
  • Embracing nerves on set and how they help with performance
  • Loving the incredible vibe on the set of Westside
  • Initially auditioning for another role, but getting the job of playing Ted West
  • The challenge of making the role his own when it is so identified with Frank Whitten
  • The reason he loves playing the character
  • Acting alongside Outrageous Fortune veteran Antonia Prebble
  • Living and working in Los Angeles

This video was first uploaded on 26 May 2015, and is available on YouTube to embed and via this Creative Commons licence.  

NZ On Screen: Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside

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NZ On Screen

26 May 2015


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