ScreenTalk: Kevan Moore

Kevan Moore
Kevan Moore: The man behind the music shows…


Kevan Moore was a driving force behind many of our early TV music shows such as C’Mon, Happen Inn and Freeride. He also produced popular shows Night Sky, Frost Over New Zealand, and magazine show Town and Around. Having helped launch South Pacific Television and become its Head of Production, Moore left broadcasting to set up his own production company.

In this ScreenTalk, Moore talks about:

  • Getting a free television set to ‘monitor’ TV programmes
  • The intricacies of early live-to-air continuity announcing
  • Using expert Peter Read to host the popular show Night Sky
  • Pre-recording Town and Around “as live” — and his thoughts on why the show was so important 
  • How the music show C’Mon helped develop talent and technique
  • Working with incredibly talented broadcaster Peter Sinclair
  • The rough and lively style of 70s music show Free Ride 
  • How a producer offended David Frost, the famous host of Frost Over New Zealand
  • How educators ultimately scuttled the show It’s Academic
  • Having had the opportunity to meet fascinating people over his career

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via this Creative Commons licence.

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