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ScreenTalk: Leigh Hart

Leigh Hart
Leigh Hart on TV comedy and his distinctive voice...


Leigh Hart is well known for his TV commercials for Hellers products. He broke onto the small screen doing comedic interviews for panel show SportsCafe, before launching his own show Moon TV. Hart has appeared in reality programmes and documentaries Shock Treatment, Descent from Disaster and DNA Detectives. His parody talk show The Late Night Big Breakfast Show, has now been picked up by online channel

In this ScreenTalk, Hart talks about:

  • How a chance encounter and some snails got him a job on SportsCafe
  • Taking a proactive approach to get Moon TV on air
  • Taking a very different approach from April Ieremia on reality TV show Shock Treatment
  • Never thinking his show Leigh Hart's Mysterious Planet would be funded
  • Becoming part of the mystery in the final episode
  • A personal connection to his story in Descent from Disaster
  • Why The Late Night Big Breakfast is perfect for sponsorship
  • Keeping ‘guests’ on the show in the dark
  • Realising it wasn’t all about him, while filming DNA Detectives
  • The reality behind the Hellers TV ads
  • Changes in his very distinctive voice

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via this Creative Commons licence.

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