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ScreenTalk: Robyn Scott-Vincent

Robyn Scott-Vincent
Robyn Scott-Vincent: On her award-winning work with the Attitude series...


After two decades as a print journalist, Robyn Scott-Vincent moved to television, where she reported for the primetime news, Top Half and Holmes. Since moving into producing and directing, she has commanded literally dozens of documentaries including Kirsa. A Mother's Story, Cindy's Diary and Grammar Boys. These days Scott-Vincent runs Attitude Pictures, making award-winning series Attitude.

In this ScreenTalk, Scott-Vincent talks about:

  • Being the ‘comedy guy’ as a reporter on Top Half
  • Why documentary Kirsa. A Mother’s Story needed a delicate touch
  • How the main character in Cindy’s Diary really made the documentary
  • The challenges of convincing Auckland Grammar School to let her make documentary Grammar Boys
  • Creating inspirational stories about people living with a disability on the TV series Attitude
  • How her company secured rights to the 2016 Paralympic Games
  • Why other people’s attitudes to Attitude are her biggest challenge

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via this Creative Commons licence.
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