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Summer Learning Guide 2020/21

Your hook up for the most creative, inspiring, interactive and fun workshops and courses to feed your artistic side this summer.


Summer is just around the corner - and the opportunities are endless.

As well as some much-needed sunshine therapy and a well-deserved break, it's a great chance to enhance your artistic skills or just enjoy some time with like-minded creatives.

No matter your age or ability, there's something to keep your creative juices flowing this summer.

The Big Idea brings you some of the best workshops, courses and events as 2020 winds down and 2021 approaches.

Written by

The Big Idea Editor

20 Nov 2020

The Big Idea Editor

Just released findings from the Independent Artist Survey paints a stark reality of financial and career stability. We delve into the creative community's areas of concern.
One of only 70 registered music therapists in this country explains why gigging musicians should join the cause - and the impact it will leave on them.
Artist Rodney Bell sits waist high in the Mangaokewa River, his back to the viewer. He splashes water towards the trees and hill in the background. A wheelchair sits on the riverbank, right of frame.
NZ's disabled community is set to feel the love from across the Tasman. The acclaimed Rodney Bell tells us why Alter State's Digital Launch is the deep dive they deserve.
Expert advice on how independent arts practitioners and small creative businesses can overcome their pressure points and focus on what they love about their mahi.