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Marianne Doczi
FutureNOW thinker, Survive & Thrive keynote Marianne Doczi says creatives need to be resilient, show courage, be willing to make mistakes, learn from each other and collaborate.


Creating sustainable solutions to future challenges requires inventing something we don’t have yet, because we are based on a system of use and discard, says futureNOW thinker and Survive & Thrive keynote Marianne Doczi.

“The creative sector is all about inventing what’s not there yet, making it real and helping people understand, reach them in ways that are beyond pure intellect.”

Marianne says it’s not about future proofing, but rather resilience to face a volatile future.

“We need resilience because we are facing incredibly fast change. The velocity of change, the variation, the volatility of our environment. We need to be able to bend and be flexible.”

In this Survive & Thrive video, Marianne talks about:

  • How we have to format anew what we are going to do
  • The creative sector brings imagination and accessibility of vision 
  • It’s not about future proofing, it’s about resilience
  • We need to be flexible, show courage and persistence
  • We need to be willing to make mistakes, learn from each other and collaborate

She says to survive and thrive you need to understand:

  • What aspects of the future are here now, and will move from the margins to the mainstream
  • The ways screens, both still and interactive, are mediating our lives - and what it means for your enterprise
  • How to change your paradigm from seeing customers as your 'audience' to seeing them as networks of networks and partners
  • How to 'own' your network relationships and leverage them at all points of your production cycle, from idea to feedback

FutureNOW is Marianne's focus for Survive & Thrive 2012. The future is here, and it's increasingly evenly distributed.

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The Big Idea Editor

3 Jul 2012

The Big Idea Editor Cathy Aronson is a journalist, photo journalist and digital editor.

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