Taro Shinoda: Collecting moons

Taro Shinoda
Taro Shinoda
Japanese artist Taro Shinoda comes back to Auckland next week to perform Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique as part of Auckland Art Fair 2018.


Taro Shinoda is looking forward to re-projecting Auckland’s amazing supermoon, which he captured  during his residency at McCahon House. Audiences will see the lunar surface as if landing on it.

Shinoda, a Professor at Tokyo’s School of Art, has exhibited Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique at international biennale including Istanbul, Sharjah and Busan.

Shinoda has been collecting moons since 2007.

Growing up on the other side of the planet from his mum, a young Shinoda would try to communicate with her by entrusting his messages to the moon, which he hoped she would receive when the moon rose for her.

“I collect video footage of the moon from all over the world. And now I have 11 different cities, I start from Tokyo and Auckland is the latest.”

The Auckland moon has been edited into his project that spans 10 years, and Taro is looking forward to sharing it. “This project is my lifetime project.”

“When I performed the moon project in Sharjah I put up this giant screen in the middle of the desert, and I asked my friend musician Uriel Barthélémi to compose some music for this video. He took 10 months to compose for 45 minutes and it was really nice. For Auckland I really wanted to do this performance again."

Uriel Barthélémi has extended the composition length to include the Auckland project - a feast for the ears and eyes.

Taro Shinoda and Uriel Barthélémi will perform Lunar Reflection Transmission Technique, at Shed 1, Corbans Art Estate Centre, Henderson on Wednesday 23 + Thursday 24 May.

Free daytime screenings, 11am and 1pm. Evening sessions with live music performed by French musician Uriel Barthélémi $40. Bookings essential for all sessions: www.qtheatre.co.nz/shinoda_mccahon

Shinoda will also give a public talk at Elam Lecture Theatre Wednesday May 23rd, 12pm, all welcome.


Written by

Kelly Geater

16 May 2018