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Money is a consistently central item in our lives. In the creative sector, even without a recession, maintaining money flow in one’s life can often be a challenge.


By Lorraine Blackley

Money is a consistently central item in our lives.  In the creative sector, even without a recession, maintaining money flow in one’s life can often be a challenge.

This Generator section is designed primarily to jostle your understanding and perception around money - by changing your perception, your reality changes. 

We have gathered a collection of articles, exercises, resources and websites with money information and practical tools.

When you engage with these you will be disturbing your money belief structures.  This can often bring up unpleasant feelings.  If this happens go easy, take a break and do something uplifting before you push on. 

You will benefit most from getting engaged and doing the exercises.  Let the feelings come up, let them pass and have fun as you turn some of your money conditioning around.

In one of the exercises we have encouraged you to write Your Money Story. Sometimes it can be hard to face a blank page, so we asked Andrew Malmo to share his Money Story to help get you started.
This article on Money Flow has been put together with an understanding of the issues many creative people face around their engagement, knowledge and ability in relation to money and money management.

In the creative sector people are not usually motivated primarily by money.  The question of ‘do I stay with the integrity of my art or sell out and go commercial’ is still a very central concern as graduates from arts programmes find their way in the world.  It is not an either or question.  If you want both, go for both. 

Choose the relationship to money that fits with your values. 

Experiment with some of the ideas presented in this section and create more money flow in your world.

I was once asked a question - where does the money in your life come from?  I had to ponder.  I didn’t get the answer which was – “your consciousness”.  The answer goes deep, but do ponder it yourself as it brought a lot of insight and self responsibility into my awareness. 

We have all seen people who have all manner of gifts surrounding them but they hold what might be called a poverty consciousness and cannot see them.  We all know others who may have very little but behave as if living in a state of absolute abundance. 

When all you do is grumble about what you have, the supply diminishes.  With deep gratitude for what you have, no matter what that is, the supply increases. 

If you had a job you wished to pay someone for, which of the two stereotypes in the paragraph above, would you take on?  The one who grumbles or the one with deep gratitude?

It is our hope that through engaging with this you will be able to challenge any beliefs and conditioning that you have on board that keep you separate from the extraordinary abundance that surrounds us. 

When the sun shines, are you aware of the abundance?  Apparently one day of sunshine is enough to power all electrical lights and machinery on the planet for 200 years. 

If you find yourself confronted by some of the views you find in this series, before you dismiss the idea, first find the belief structure in you that it hit.  Weeding out these limiting belief structures is one of the ways to increase your money flow. 



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Lorraine Blackley

3 Sep 2010

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