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Upskill, Learn, Reinvent.

Opportunity is everything. Upsmarts brings some of the leading creative educational and upskilling courses direct to you.


In this ever-changing world, some doors may be closing but many others are just opening.

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking to strengthen your current one or change direction all together - finding the right skills could make all the difference.

Upsmarts is your guide to some of the leading educational opportunities for building or enhancing creative careers in Aotearoa.






Why Does Art and Design Matter?

Simply put, the role of artists and designers is to make the world a better place, writes Dr Andrew Withell, Head of Art and Design at AUT.


Design Your Own Design Degree

An evolving industry needs an evolving degree. Find out how Massey University’s Bachelor of Design’s new Integrated Design major is a game-changer.


Building New Worlds

Learning how to not just create but to physically build and design performance settings is bringing filmmakers from around the globe to Toi Whakaari.


Knowledge is in Your Hands

Theory has its place - but Unitec’s Art and Design in the School of Creative Industries keeps the practical at the heart of its practice.


Creating Agents of Change

Expanding the diversity and depth of postgraduate art education is fuelling some crucial changes at Elam’s School of Fine Arts.

Getting a Foothold in Film

The world is watching New Zealand’s film industry with envy. Here’s your opportunity to be part of the innovation with SAE.

Transform Your Creative Practice

Embed yourself in a rich dialogue about your creative practice in Massey’s transdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts programme.

Design Through a Pasifika Lens

Using his Samoan heritage, one recent AUT graduate has found his drive to make the intangible come to life.

Written by

The Big Idea Editor

9 Jul 2020

The Big Idea Editor

Talent can only take you so far – we speak to a pair of determined creatives about picking up the skills to forge their own paths.
For some it can be crippling, others a nuisance - but almost everyone experiences it. These simple strategies can help you shine at your next audition, job interview or live presentation.
The long-awaited big funds promised in the budget are finally here. We break down how Manatū Taonga's new Capability Fund works, who can apply, and get immediate reaction.
One up-and-coming filmmaker explains how he got his short into the New Zealand International Film Festival - and how you can have the same ‘executive producer’.