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UpSmarts - Spring 2020

Whether you're kickstarting your career or looking to add to your existing one - Upsmarts is your must-see guide to some of Aotearoa's leading creative educational and upskilling courses.


It's decision time.

For so many, the end of a crazy year is in sight. It’s been a year to think about what’s important and to follow your passion. 

For those already in the workforce - or trying to find their place in it - 2020 has put into sharp focus the need to futureproof your skill set.

For so many students (and their whānau), the end of high school is in sight. But as they face the final hurdles - it's also time to look at what comes next.

Gone is the archaic notion that there are no careers in the arts and creativity. The opportunities are seemingly endless, you just need to know the right places to look.

We've combined with some of the leading tertiary institutions in Aotearoa to bring you story of success, reinvention, inspiration and motivation.

Upsmarts is your guide to some of the most exciting opportunities for building or enhancing your creative career. 


Harnessing Curiosity

Annabel Hawkins’s career has taken her all around the world and into a plethora of creative fields - all off the back of a skillset acquired at Massey University.


Speak the Universal Language

No matter your industry, design skills could be what take you to the next level. Find out how to build your creative - and strategic - superpower.


Starting your Big Screen Career

One up-and-coming filmmaker explains how he got his short into the New Zealand International Film Festival - and how you can have the same ‘executive producer’.


Change is the Key to Survival

One of the leading creatives of his generation, Sir Derek Lardelli has some powerful advice for the next generation to keep Māori art thriving.


Legacy of Learning

It’s the story of the apprentice becoming the master - but with a twist. Why has a highly successful Art Director gone back to his AUT roots?


Growing Demand for Diversity in Screen Production

It’s an industry on the rise, but so too is a desire for different voices to tell the stories.


Coast of Creativity

Big city study isn’t for everyone. We track down a Hawke’s Bay creative institution that gives their students the best of both worlds.


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