Viral Art: Are We There Yet?

Week three of our COVID-19 Instagram Art of the Week series finds joy in the mundane and warmth when needed most in the lockdown era.


So, how's your lockdown hanging?

Much like the containment of the Coronavirus itself, reports are mixed.

Some people are getting cabin fever, feeling isolated and confined. 

Others are taking a breath for the first time since they can remember, reconnecting with people who have just been passively part of the lives through Facebook likes for years, finally picking up that book, starting that DIY project or just appreciating their surroundings.

Now is proving a great time to be creatively minded.  Social media is awash with uplifting videos, clever reinventions of well-known mediums, and poignant image

What's on the news is often grim, usually frustrating and can leave you feeling helpless.  The world is turning to the arts and entertainment industry for distraction and a pick-me-up.

That means it's your time to shine.

As well as giving some much-deserved aroha to New Zealand creatives with #TBIartshare over on Instagram, each week, we're looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic is inspiring and influencing the visual social media platform.

COVID-19 Art of the Week

German digital artist Levy (@levysfriends) points out there's only one door opening right now...and dress code for many is optional. 


Staying connected while in our bubbles is more critical by the day - and photographer Alexis McKeown (@alexismckeown) sums it up to perfection.


Collage artist Shahzaad Raja (@thecitizenraja) reinforces the unique solidarity so many are finding in self-isolation.


Struggling for inspiration amid your everyday life? California based painter Sharon Schock ( has proof that "backyard painting can totally be a thing!"

If there is a silver lining, the new-found appreciation of the health workers putting themselves in the frontline of this pandemic continues to grow, as UK illustrator Karl Read (@karlreadart) portrays in his image "Dreamer the True Hero Edition."  



It's a similar sentiment from the student team Hamsa (@hamsathesis) at New York's School of Visual Arts, with this palpably sweet 3D image to melt the coldest of hearts.


This post from Lost in Frenchlation (@lostinfrenchlation) shows why street art can have such poignancy in times such as these - and the importance of keeping your heart open, even when your doors stay shut.


In more practical considerations - Easter is coming. If we're in lockdown, does the Easter Bunny need to practice social distancing? Food for thought from Nici (@nicipixow).


Do you have any #viralart to share? Tag @thebigideanz on Instagram or DM us - now is the time to be sharing our work to bring joy and inspiration when it's needed most.

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The Big Idea Editor

4 Apr 2020

The Big Idea Editor

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