Viral Art: Lockdown Fatigue?

Chocolate eggs are a timely distraction - so too is the COVID-19 art of the week, where the creatives use the Coronavirus as inspiration.


Easter egg hunts have been replaced by a seemingly never-ending game of go home, stay home.

As we reach the halfway point (fingers crossed) of the lockdown period, what we've missing becomes evident on days like this.

Whether you would normally catch up with family, head away for the long weekend, hang out with friends or enjoy the last proper chance to get out and enjoy your favourite beach before summer officially retreats, Easter is always a welcomed breather on the New Zealand calendar.

But hey, if your plans are usually to bunker down at home and enjoy a bit of quiet time, you're in luck!

The distraction of chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns will hopefully be bringing joy to many, and for the creative community, maintaining their usual outlets is just as cathartic.

The tone of what's been created on Instagram is changing somewhat - with still moments of joy to be found, and certainly examples of resilence.

But this week's COVID-19 art of the week centres around how we're feeling about isolation, now that it is the new normal.

Viral Art

Tauranga local Zoe Sizemore (@cipdesignstudio) gets into the Easter spirit - with the perfectly shaped bubble for the occasion.



Easter is often about quality time - but now more than ever. Akbari Brinda though her Shade of Pensil account (@shades_of_pensil) captures a father-daughter bonding moment during the times of quarantine - "Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children."


From hand-drawn to classically inspired, Ebrahim Haghighi (@ebrahim_haghighi) has been putting a COVID-19 touch on some familiar work - from Roy Lichtenstein to Picasso, from Grant Wood to Frida Kahlo.  But sticking with the family theme, this one jumped out at us, a reimagining of David Hockey's My Parents - so far ahead of its time, they were already observing social distancing.


In the age of Zoom and Skype - this is not so much a parody as much as it is a reality for many, created by Sindy Strosahl (@sindystrosahl).


Among the many things to come a halt has been long-planned weddings. This image of "The COVID bride" was brilliantly captured by Dawndra (@dawndra_photo)after a US bride whose wedding was postponed asked for a shoot to convey her current feelings - all while keeping an acceptable social distance.


Rangiora's own Nikki Parker (@absconditus_creations) has a message for anyone finding things a bit of a struggle right now. Her own signature take on being brave enough to tackle what you're facing, or what lies ahead.


And finally - if this game ever gets made, count us in,  Pac-Man gets the COVID-19 treatment, all with a little political message thrown in from Aniol Yauci (@yaucianiol)

Do you have any #viralart to share? Tag @thebigideanz on Instagram or DM us - now is the time to be sharing our work to bring joy and inspiration when it's needed most.

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The Big Idea Editor

12 Apr 2020

The Big Idea Editor

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