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Lady Jane Entertainment
5 Aug 2010
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Contract, Freelance
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Design, Performing Arts


We are an innovative events company looking to contract a fashion / costume designer to design and develop the costumes for our entertainers and dancers. 

We are looking for a new addition to our family, someone who is eccentric, flamboyant, unconservative, self motivated and a delight to work with. This is an ideal opportunity for a recent graduate. 

The project consists of twelve events organized over the course of the next year (one event per month) with each event having its own unique "theme" that would need to be reflected in the costume designs. We would provide initial conceptual drawings and then work closely with you to develop the costumes to ensure we are moving towards the same creative vision, however much creative free range is given and encouraged.

It is a freelance / contract position working from your own location / home. You will be contracted for 15 - 20 hours per week at $20ph (plus GST if applicable), however the hours are very flexible, as long as the work is completed by the due dates. We would expect you to invoice us at the end of each week for hours worked and materials brought for payment and reimbursement (alternatively we can give you an allowance upfront to purchase the materials needed). 

If this is something you are interested in, we invite you to email us immediately giving an overview of both yourself personally and your experience / training and links to any photos of your previous work. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lara Jane

Key skills

Fashion Design / Costume Design 

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Lara Jane

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Lady Jane Entertainment

27 Jul 2010