Actor & Crew for Short Film Installation

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Shea Melville (AUT Honours Postgraduate Student)
1 Aug 2011
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Music, Design, Digital & Technology


This opportunity is for an actor, sound-designer and make-up artist to
showcase their skills in a experimental short film to be exhibited in as
a video-installation at the end of the year.

This project will involve instances of motion-capture, green-screen,
visual effects and live-action material to form an experimental video-


The Actor needs to be male and will play both the protagonist and
antogonist of the narrative.

The Sound-designer will need to be able to work casually with the
director up to November to mix sound for the installation space.

The Make-up artist will need to be available for the date of the film
production (yet to be decided).

The Farmer will be needed as an animal trainer for a separate film-
shoot with their Dog. The dog will feature as a strong part of the film. 


Applicants should be disciplined and be able to work productively
as part of a team. 

Key skills

Previous experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the
applicants respected area of expertise is encouraged but not essential.

How to apply

Email applications in confidence to 

Written by

Shea Melville

18 Jun 2011