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2 Dec 2011
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Film Synopsis:
'Suni Man' is a touching, yet brutal story about betrayal, courage, faith and love; all centred around one small insular Samoan family. It's a coming of age tale, essentially driven by the relationship between a Samoan teen, his loving mother and younger brother, his delinquent friend and the challenges he faces growing up in such a difficult environment.

Locations are yet to be finalised, however we are aiming to film within the Mount Roskill / Mount Albert / Sandringham area of Auckland.

All actors/crew will get paid, the final amount depends on the experience/age of the talent/crew. Please bear in mind that this is a self-funded short film, so payment will reflect this. Full catering is provided for the duration of the shoot.

• Pre Production: Nov / Dec 2011
• Production: Jan 9th – 13th 2012 (14th & 15th cover)
• Post Production: Jan 16th – March 4th 2012

Jay Saussey is the Casting Director and our first casting audition (which will act as a meet and greet, photograph and information gathering session). This will be held at.....

Onehunga Community Centre.....
83 Church Street, Onehunga.....
Sat Oct 15th (10am - 5pm).....
We will rehearse during December, at this stage rehearsals will only be for the main characters and the time required will be approx. 2-4 days each (during the weekends)

Here is a list of the characters we are casting for (all ages are approximates).

Main Characters

• 14-16 year old Samoan male (Protagonist)
• Baby faced but with a slightly cheeky/dangerous appearance

• 14-18 year old Maori male (Antagonist)
• Street hardened with a very sharp/dangerous appearance

• 8-12 year old Samoan male (Suni’s younger brother)
• Gentle, innocent, kind and loving appearance

• 40ish Samoan female (Mother of Suni and Offie)
• A warm affectionate and loving appearance

• 14-18 year old Pacific / Maori male
• Cheeky and fun spirited but with a dangerous appearance

• 14-18 year old Pacific / Maori male
• Cheeky and fun spirited but with a dangerous appearance

Secondary characters

Bus Driver
• 40ish Pacific / Maori male
• Sluggish and tired appearance (Large build)

Male Teacher
• 30-40 year old Pacific / Maori male
• Sluggish and tired appearance (Large build)

Female Teacher
• 30ish Pacific / Maori female
• Attractive, warm and confident appearance

Suni’s Father (Deceased)
• 45ish male (Father of Suni and Offie, husband of Moana)
• Fit with a friendly and affectionate appearance

Extras needed:
We will also need approximately thirty young Pacific / Maori (8-12 years olds) to fill the school classroom and playground. We will need them all for half a day – these will be nonpaid roles.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Payment details: Each role is paid on a case by case situation.

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2 Oct 2011