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Recharge Media
22 Jan 2012
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Visual Arts, Screen & Sound


The dates of the Bloom Festival are 20 - 22nd January (THIS WEEKEND!)

We are a bit pressed for time, so please email me at with the subject: Recharge at Bloom


The position will include taking a variety of shots of the festival, of people enjoying themselves, of people at the Recharge Zone. This will include a variety of shot sizes and some beautiful photography to compliment. 

You will need to be briefed beforehand on what we need, and will get a free ticket to the festival. You will have some time to enjoy the bands & music, and will sporadically be recording what is happening. 

You will need your own camera capable of photography and video, with reasonable sound quality. 

Key skills


Film camera operation

Telling a story through visual imagery

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17 Jan 2012

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