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the Stage, Screen & Fireside Guild
15 Aug 2013
Wellington, National
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Screen & Sound, Management & Admin


              The STAGE,SCREEN AND FIRESIDE GUILD will come together to share stories -others and our own- through media such as Film, Theatre, and directly, communally-that is, by the proverbial 'Fireside'. Thus, we will participate together in cinema and theatre-going. And we will sometimes come together in groups to tell stories. The main focus will be on the traditional narrative structures that have worked since time immemorial, or, at least, since the time of Aristotle. SS&F Guild will not only participate as a spectators of other people's story-telling efforts, but will be a networking and resource centre for our own Film, Theatre and Fireside productions . STAGE, SCREEN AND FIRESIDE GUILD offers 'Story-Making' - to coin a phrase- as entertainment and emotional enhancement.

Plot and character are the important elements for pure story-tellin. Narrative is king. It is hoped that eventually the viewer will know a 'Guild' production when they see it.

I live in Wellington. But I am hoping that people in other areas will also take up the ball and run with it. If you live in Wellington, we will have a meeting in a few weeks. It is early days yet. Time to finish that story you've been slaving over.

Contact me at:  on Facebook in Facebook Groups and on my email:  also

Key skills

Professionals in film and theatre are needed. People with semi-professional experience are needed.


Written by

John Coffman

7 Aug 2012