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Adventure Artists
21 Dec 2012
Auckland, National
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Digital & Technology


We're working on an exciting project that's gaining critical mass. With so much happening behind the scenes, keeping our website and collaborators up to date is difficult given its current state, and my minimal ability to build web tools. We're trying to builld a site that hosts the projects of our creative, entraprenurial and ecological friends in a way they can share tasks while gaining support and valuable feedback from a wide audience. Starting with Wordpress multisite and Buddypress we've nearly got some of the desired functionality on our interum site. We're seeking a person that is not only good at web development, but also enjoys meeting travellers and like minded people, music, good food, fun, sailing, fishing, painting or generally just having an awesome time. We're building a physical home for this project on an amazing piece of land on Waiheke Island. (check out the panorama at the bottom of this page for an idea of the view: www.adventureartists.co.nz/collective ) At this site, we plan to have: simple accomodation, off grid energy, gardens, jam areas a nd eventually simple Rnd facilites, maybe a cheeky wee recording studio. This space as an oportunity to showcase the best in renewable energy, food preparation and collaborative practice as we will film and blog about the development of this project. This will become a development zone for practical, creative and entreprenurial skills shared through guests that spend a day, a week or the length of a specific project or task. We'll be inviting people with various proffesional and sustainable expertise to offer advice and support to people or projects that are introduced here. We'll get their on our 60ft yacht, or the ferry if you'd like. This requires a bit of organization and we see a good opportunity to plan, prototype and develop and populate our project collaboration portal. If you would like to get involved, please send us an email and register your interest. From early September, we'll host regular dinners, sailing trips and activites so we can discuss these opportunities with interested parties. With limited funds at present, we're trying to trade good experience with professional experience, though we do understand money is a necesity in most circumstances and as such will discuss payment on a task by task basis. Cheers

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Web development, Project management

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Send me an email: nate@adventureartists.co.nz

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Adventure Artists Ltd

24 Aug 2012

Interests We are a media start-up making great friends in music, art, social enterprise or just generally interesting people. Personal Description A new approach to social media, Adventure Artists are on a journey around New Zealand, eventually the world.