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Alpha Art Studio
25 Dec 2012
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Performing Arts, Music, Community & Access Arts


Hey all! A quick introduction. I work with a group of choice adults with intellectual disabilities - from an art centre called "Alpha Art Studio". We are a vocational day base run by Idea Services - which is a branch of IHC. We have the island bay community centre booked Friday afternoons. This is primarily for shaking our booties and dancing. Getting a bit of Friday afternoon movement - shakin' off that working week. We also would like to invite members of the public (so email if your keen to come) and extended friends from other vocational day bases- to come into the centre and get ya jigg on! We normally just have a stereo plugged into speakers, however i would like to expose the guys to many different types of music - broaden our ears and eyes with some variation and live music. So we are asking if there are any bands/solo musicians/performance/dance groups/tutors who would like to offer their skills for an hour or so (or whatever you can give!) Think bellydancers, drumming groups, rock bands, Dj's, pop bands, tap dancing, singing groups - you name it - we could be keen on it! I think this is a great opportunity to jam out and try some new things with your band - you have the most un-judgemental crowd ever! We're also open to other types of performance/movement/dance based things. Just email if you have any idea's! We are unable to pay you in money, but we can hook you up with a great afternoon and knowing your putting some smiles on some faces! :) Cheers in advance!

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dance, drama, music, singing, drumming, dancing, ballet, tap, djs

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Eryn - prefered. 0274706307

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Eryn Gribble

30 Oct 2012