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Brent Schuster
6 Dec 2012
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Screen & Sound


Were looking for a very creative and passionate editor for a 30 - 40 min action movie as a teaser for investor! We have a few martial artist and experience fighting choreographer with more stunt guys! We have three camera operators! With two 60D canon camera and one Hero 2, We will be adding another main camera man soon!The story also has a lot of drama so if you have good story telling vision and would like to get some experience for your show case so its unpaid but if thats ok with you please join us! We have a facebook page to show you how much passion we have to make this quality action movie!

Key skills

Editing video,film, sound but most of all able to create visionary story telling with the raw footage!

How to apply or add me to your facebook then i add you to the action movie page:

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5 Nov 2012