Submissions for Plays and Directors Wanted

Submissions and Directors wanted

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KKT/Backyard Inc
31 Jan 2013
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Performing Arts


KKT produce plays for children during the school holidays. Backyard Theatre shares the venue space and performs plays in the evenings. We are currently seeking proposals for productions for our July and October seasons for both childrens plays and evening plays. We are also seeking Directors for those same time slots. If you would like to submit your ideas or have a play you are dying to get on the boards - contact us.

Key skills

Theatre practioners with experience.

How to apply

KKT/Backyard - email Write to POBox 11390 Manners Street, Wellington 6142.

Written by

Rodney Bane

12 Nov 2012

Personal Description Actor for stage or screen. Director. Travel Broker. Freelance Graphic Designer - posters, programme, flyers etc.. Affordable rates.