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Jerry Tian
6 Dec 2012
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Screen & Sound, Performing Arts


This student short film will shot at a professional level for my final graduating piece, and it will have a public screening at a cinema for the Industry professionals and it will be entered into film festivals

(Notice: this is a unpaid job, but we will film at restaurant, so you will be fed really well)

Synopsis: Ling is celebrating his Promotion with his co-workers Jacob and Samantha in a chinese restaurant. It looks fun and friendly, but really they hate each other. Bite by bite their vicious competitive feelings begin to boil over.

Character Description:

Samantha - Female Lead
Samantha is a white-collar office worker. She is an attractive curvaceous woman, but a bit rough around the edges. She is also very competitive and would do anything to win.
Additional Notice:
There is no real nudity required, but due to the story, we do show a bit of the cleavage of this character

Jacob - Main Role
Jacob: Jacob is a cunning man. Physically, he is a well-built, buff looking guy. Also an ass-kisser

Derek - Supporting role
Derek, a naive and goofy guy. the energetic new employee. this is the supporting rule who will push the story to its climax

Ling - Main Role
Ling is the Newly promoted manager. An arrogant and scheming asian man. On the surface, he is friendly and polite, but inside he thinks he is better than others.

Please attach your headshot and a showreel (if you have one) with your application email

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Jerry Tian
Mobile: 02108118389

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Jerry Tian

26 Nov 2012