Auditions For Fringe Show

Auditions For Fringe Show

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Poor Sailors Arts Collective
10 Dec 2012
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Performing Arts


Auditions at Newtown Community Centre on Sunday December 2nd 12pm-3pm for Fringe theatre show. Our event incorporates elements of film, live music, social networking, and theatre to create an experience that transcends the space and time of the 'show' and exists between an imagined future and our contemporary reality. The performance will be an information evening for an organisation, as well as a call for submissions on how to tackle the greatest problem of our time. There will also be a second concurrent plot that will focus on a relationship between two people - the figure head of the organisation and their partner. The drama in this relationship will mirror the trajectory of the information evening and vice versa. It also exposes certain tensions between both public and private and life and ideals and action on these different stages. This second strand of the show will be pre-filmed and projected periodically throughout the evening. To take the audience back and forth between these two stories will be electro sea shanty music played live, tying in with some nautical motifs running through the story and exposition of the organisation. We are looking for 4 or 5 actors (one large role + 3 or 4 smaller roles) to be involved in our 2013 Wellington Fringe Show (March 6- 9). This is a continuation of two other Poor Sailors productions- both of which were highly successful. The show will run for 3 or 4 nights during the Fringe but other parts will take place online and offline in the weeks leading up to it. Email: for more information, audition times, and a copy of the script.

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Acting, Music, Singing

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Poor Sailors Arts Collective

28 Nov 2012