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Yoobee School Of Design
9 Dec 2012
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Screen & Sound, Pasifika, Visual Arts


- Light and happy short film based on polynesian humour, similar to 'Acts' by The Laughing Samoans and Movies like Sione's Wedding.
- The short film will be screened next year at Event Cinemas and is a great way to showcase talent.
- Unpaid work but this is an opportunity to work with a professional cast and crew

Story in short:
It's a lovely day and Peter is going out on his first date. All is well at first but as things progress, so does the tension between Peter and Lani – his super hot girlfriend. The mood is interrupted by Peter's irritating mother and an annoying sleazy strange man.
Can Peter keep his composure under the pressure?

Looking for:
1x Young Pacific male for main role - Peter..
1x Young Pacific female for main role - Lani.

Peter is a kind guy at heart and a real hearty ladies man. He finds that on a date with his girlfriend Lani, there is more to her then he thought he knew. As things unravel Peter has to keep his cool, being the cool person he wishes to be.

Lani is a sweet adorable young women who has an appetite larger then an ordinary male. Her love for food stands between her and her true love Peter. The dark side of her shows when food is near.

Shooting will be taken place between the 14th - 16th of December. If interested and/or available please reply ASAP to schedule an audition.

Key skills

Fun easy going actors. Reliable and flexible with time.

How to apply

Email: pietrom275@gmail.com

Mobile: +64 211 025 376

Written by

Abraham Mohetaue

30 Nov 2012

Interests I am an aspiring Film maker studying a Level 6 Diploma in Film at Yoobee School of Design. I love making films, writing scripts and graphic design. I am a pacific Islander and would like to net work with more people.