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Yvanna Phillips
30 Nov 2012
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Management & Admin, Screen & Sound


7-minute short film - "The Fort"

This is a student project with a crew of 12. It is being shot with the guidance of industry professionals, including director Michael Miller. It will have the high production values expected by film festivals worldwide and will be submitted to national film festivals upon completion. We are looking for a Production Manager to join the team as soon as possible. You will be given full authority to coordinate and organize all the technical aspects of the production, and you will be the liaison between the cast, crew, Director, and Producer. Catering and transportation will be provided.


The shoot will be a maximum of 7 days between Sunday 9th & Monday 17th Dec, excluding Saturday. We will also hold two rehearsals during the week of 2nd - 7th December. Auditions for actors are being held 25th - 28th December.


Little Jimmy has created a private space, a fort of sorts, which allows him to feel like he has some control over his world. Completely safe in his aloneness, his childish fantasies, heroes, and best dance moves come out to play. But the walls of his imaginary world are not as thick as he imagined them to be.

Everything comes under threat when Gemma comes crashing through the walls. Her very presence here could destroy the life that Jimmy thinks he needs for his survival. Meanwhile, Gemma has inadvertently found a world she thought she had long left behind.

They have just begun to form a tentative alliance when Jimmy finds out that Gemma’s parents are buying the farm (and by extension, the fort) from his parents. Have the children found in each other an ally for change, or an enemy who threatens the very fabric of their existence?


Key skills

  • Strong leadership & organisation skills
  • Previous experience on film sets in a similar role
  • Great interpersonal skills
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Yvanna Phillips

021 145 8618

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Yvanna Phillips

23 Nov 2012

Interests Filmmaker & photographer