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Making Friends Collective
17 Dec 2012
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Performing Arts


The Making Friends Collective are holding auditions on the evening of Monday the 17th of December for Rageface, a play in the 2013 Wellington Fringe Festival that is showing at the Gryphon Theatre from the 19th to 23rd of February.

Jason Stegemann is a man of two lives. Offline, he works a dead-end supermarket job to pay for the tiny apartment he shares with Andrew, a grumpy, alcoholic Law student. Online, he is Sherlock, an eloquent and respected poster on the internet forum Nothing is Original, a man whose opinions on anime and classic video games are treated as gospel.

Then he meets Brie, a girl who works at his favourite video store, and falls for her hard. She's funny, friendly, and hasn't explicitly said she's involved with anyone. Jason falls for her, hard, and turns to the one place he can trust for advice on wooing her - Nothing is Original. But with a mysterious troll plaguing his threads and the arrival of a new poster gaining popularity, Jason's position at the top of the forum food chain is under threat - and that may just have offline consequences.

Written and directed by Adam Goodall (Deadlines), Rageface is an acerbic, blackly comic tale that interrogates how we deal, or don't deal, with the trials and responsibilities of the real world - the fronts we construct, the excuses we make, and what happens when those fronts and excuses get exposed and torn down.

Recommended for mature audiences, contains profanity.

Key skills

We are seeking a strong, 18-25 year old male actor for the role of Sherlock. As Sherlock is an idealised version of the way Jason sees himself, he needs to be tall and handsome.

How to apply

To sort out an audition time, email Johnny or Adam at

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The Making Friends Collective

1 Dec 2012