Actress to play Ariel in Tempest Adaptation

A Tempest off Somes Island

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Bard Productions
8 Dec 2012
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Performing Arts


Bard Productions, the company that brought you the sell-out show "Frogs Under the Waterfront" and "Quarantine" is producing an adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest on Matiu / Somes Island. We have a great team and are looking for a female to fill the role of Ariel. Must be physical, strong, and comfortable being fully body-painted. The work is for a co-op share. Actors generally get about $700, depending on how well tickets sell. Audition will be on the 12th of December. Please email if interested


Quarantine TV3 News Segment:

Frogs Under the Waterfront TV3 News Segment:

Key skills

Physical, Funny, experienced actress

How to apply, address to Paul

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Bard Productions

1 Dec 2012