Make- Up Artist For Studio - Fashion/Beauty

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Aperture House Photography
21 Dec 2013
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Visual Arts



Aperture House Photography is looking for a makeup artist of MAC studio standards to work at the large Mt Eden based studio.  Some appearance on video for marketing will be involved, and hair  and clothes styling skills would be an advantage.  This will be a casual position but it is intended to have a MUA/stylist listed as part of the AHP team.  Ideally the candidate will be wanting to build some muscle in marketing materials across a range of genres - video/stills and experience and contribute skills as a team player as part of the package.

First opportunity is for a beauty/fashion portrait shoot this friday 21/12.  Call now:) 

Key skills

Time management, professional makeup skills, hair styling, public relations, client relations, marketing

How to apply

 email:    mobile:  0221704978  landline : 09 9089009  web:

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Alex Henderson Photography

18 Dec 2012