Illustrator for film trailer and novel cover

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Project "Salomé"
25 Jan 2013
Wellington, National
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Contract, Freelance
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Design, Visual Arts


Title:  "Salomé"

Tagline:   Dancer of the Apocalypse

Log-line:   "In a future world where technology co-exists with magic, an orphaned Princess must discover the source of her own power to save the people from her tyrant uncle.  Inspired by an infamous biblical story, Salomé is an epic saga of love, betrayal and redemption."

"Salomé" is a novel and feature film screenplay - both a mythical Hero's Journey and a coming of age story, with a strong young female heroine.  Our target audience is comparable to that of "The Hunger Games".   Screenplay and novel are in the completion stages.   The novel will be self-published with within next few months.   The screenplay is being workshopped with a Hollywood script professional and we are in the process of making a short film/trailer to pitch it to producers in the USA this year.

If you are more than just 'interested', we are looking for a visual artist to work with us on developing the following:

a)  The cover illustration (front and back) for the novel

b)  Illustrations for a short film to pitch the screenplay 

We are seeking artwork that will show the magic of the story and characters, the magnitude of the settings and the drama of the action.  The illustrations will be used as part of the trailer, along with live footage which has already been shot.  In addition, the artwork and trailer will be exhibited on a website for the project, on youtube, on the social network, and may be used for crowd funding purposes to obtain further funding.

This is a paid contract.  The artist will also receive 1) a DVD of the finished film, 2) a copy of the published novel.

Key skills

Illustration, painting, drawing (figure, environment), digital art - professional level.  Can capture action, emotion, atmosphere and dance movement well.  Ability to keep deadlines!

Written by

Jade Valour

12 Jan 2013

Interests I am first and foremost a creative person, in all areas of my life and work. I'm American and I lived and worked in Germany for 35 years before coming to New Zealand. My experience extends to theatre, television and film. I have the following degrees: