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The New Zealand Dance Company
24 Jan 2013
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The New Zealand Dance Company is hosting an international exchange with Chicago based dance theatre company Lucky Plush Productions, suitable for actors, dancers and physical theatre artists at tertiary and professional level. This Professional Devising Workshop comprises a morning technique class followed by two devising sessions where participants will work with the Lucky Plush company members in their devising process. Lucky Plush Productions will bring its distinctive devising process to Auckland's dance and theatre communities as they begin creative research for the company's second collaboration between Artistic Director Julia Rhoads and theatre director Leslie Danzig. This research populates classic physical comedy routines with different bodies and invites workshop participants to experience our contemporary reworking of this material. Through exploration of various research questions, the work considers how bodies generate and defy comedy, and how this classic physical comedy form can be opened up to a complex and lush choreographic language that speaks both viscerally and intellectually to audiences. “Dancers are generally driven by the logic of movement, bodily systems of cause and effect, and play of dynamics. Actors generate from a sense of character and objective. The strange juxtapositions of material generated by these multiple logics compel us, and we are committed to the integrity of each form.” “Dialogue is never relegated to explanation or conveying the literal. Likewise dance is not about illustrating dramatic scenarios. Instead we have found that the borders and transitions between the different languages are opportunities for surprise, playfulness, release, and accrual of tension, while resisting the formulaic. We build a rehearsal process that, in part, is a series of provocations to performers, which cause actual experiences, from which material is generated. We then edit and craft the material to serve an overall arc and thematic development. We are looking forward to inviting New Zealand dance and theatre professionals into our process.“

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suitable for actors, dancers and physical theatre artists at tertiary and professional level.

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The New Zealand Dance Company

15 Jan 2013

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