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Circus Kathmandu
16 Apr 2013
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Performing Arts


Freedom Matters (FM) is a charity aimed at targeting human trafficking, and focused mainly in Nepal. Freedom Matters offers vocational training to trafficking survivors, mainly through the arts, and supports the development of a high-quality ethical circus company Circus Kathmandu (CK). CK is currently comprised of thirteen hugely talented young people who have been rescued from vulnerable situations including human trafficking. CK is also developing a social circus outreach programme called Sapana. By providing career opportunities in the performing arts and related industries, the programme aims to reduce the likelihood of re-vicitimisation through developing self-esteem, empowering the participants and modeling high-quality ethical entertainment. In addition to this the programme intends to build an advocacy and awareness outreach project through Sapana. At the moment we are surviving purely from fundraising, but our aim is to become a fully sustainable project, providing creative, rewarding careers for young people who would otherwise have minimal opportunities. What we need: This young project needs the right person to really help take it forward to become a successful not-for-profit entity in Kathmandu. We need someone who can really develop the marketing and communications within the company. This would involve coming up with a brilliant marketing and pr plan for the local market (including India) and working out how to do it on either a shoestring or by getting sponsorship – you’ll have an idea and the confidence to make this happen! So, you’ll have experience with pitching, developing marketing material, liaising with organizations, corporations, media to help CK generate work and raise awareness about the programme aims and the performance company. You’ve probably had some experience with social media and will be interested in contributing to developing a viral anti-trafficking youth education programme and other research. Ideally you’re pretty good with design (photoshop & wordpress) so you can create show publicity (or have friends you can convince to help us out) and can help out with show production and promotion. You’ll also feel like you can help upskill a couple of local people and CK members in the art of marketing and PR (we want them to know how to eventually do everything without foreigners). Because you super organised (and probably a bit OCD), you stay on top of regular admin like database tasks, FB updates, press releases and client /stakeholder communication. You work well by yourself, are happy to ask for help when you need it and work well in a team. You like a challenge and have buoyancy to your personality that means you’ll laugh at the inevitable frustrations of being in Nepal. You’ll be line managed by our creative director in Kathmandu but have regular skype and email contact with the co-founder directors in London. Some finer details: Even though you’re a volunteer (you’ll get accommodation and food provided), you’ve managed to save up enough for flights and living costs (Kathmandu has fantastic restaurants, bars and lots of different activities to do so I’d work off £10 per/day or more if you fancy a trek or two!). [And you’re definitely not daunted by setting up a Mydonate page to help raise additional funds for Freedom Matters & Circus Kathmandu]. Volunteering a year of your time really excites you not only because Kathmandu is an amazing place to live and you’re going to help give these young people the future they could only dream of before, but you know there’s almost as much to learn as you can give. Want to know more about the programme or the charity? The volunteer handbook and faq will probably answer generic questions. Go to: www.circuskathmandu.com and www.freedommatters.org.uk

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Marketing, Administration

How to apply

Read enough and want to apply? Go to our volunteer page and complete the application form at the bottom (nb. Some of the questions will need to be adapted to your position: http://circuskathmandu.com/?page_id=269 We want someone to start as soon as possible, so get in touch. You’ll need to supply two references and have a skype interview as well. Email your application (and any specific questions) to: info@circuskathmandu.com

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Tess Munro Pedreros

16 Jan 2013