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Gen - Kiwihost Ltd
5 Feb 2012
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Screen & Sound, Visual Arts


Are you a talented drawer who's head is brimming with ideas and enthusiasm? We need you! We're looking for an Illustrator to help us transform our latest online marketing project. The drawing will be on a whiteboard which will be filmed and then turned into an animation. We need someone who is reliable, has a positive attitude, willing to collaborate and add that extra spark to our first online project. If it goes well then there may be more work available in the future. Only Christchurch based workers need apply.

Key skills

Drawing, illustration, friendly, creative

How to apply

Please send a cover letter, C.V and examples of your work to Gen at Note that if an application doesn't have all of these requirements then it wont be considered.

Written by

Geni McCallum

18 Jan 2013