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Web Designer Wanted for Revamp of Student Radio Blog: Voluntary Role

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VBC 88.3 FM - Victoria University Student Radio
28 Feb 2013
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Design, Digital & Technology, Screen & Sound


Established in 2007, the Victoria Broadcasting Club is a student-based, community-run radio station broadcasting from the Kelburn Campus of Victoria University of Wellington. The VBC was created with student interests in mind, allowing any interested party to share their views, thoughts and music with the Wellington region and the world. The VBC is an organ through which anyone with the time and motivation can foster a thriving student culture. This year VBC is looking to revamp its online blog, hosted by the website giant Tumblr, and is looking for enthusiastic volunteers with web design or HTML experience to help out. Since VBC is a voluntary organisation the work will be unpaid, however the website can be used in the chosen designers portfolio and a reference will be provided should he or she need one to find further work - voluntary work of this kind looks fantastic on the CV. You don't necessarily have to be part of Victoria University, or even living in Wellington, as the design process can be done with email consultation from VBC - all you need is a can-do attitude and a few hours to spare. May be looking to revamp the official VBC website in the future (unconfirmed) and volunteering for this job will mean you'll be at the top of our lists when looking for a web designer to take on that slightly larger job. This is a chance to get creative and create a blog that really reflects the interesting nature and vibrance of student life, in any city, and the quirky and alternative content of Wellington's only student radio. If you are interested please send an email to madinnz@hotmail.com. The email should include a short paragraph outlining (a) who you are (b) where you are located (c) any and all web design experience you've had and (optional) (d) any ideas you may have for the blog's new look. It would be fantastic if you had an example online of some web design you've already done - send the link to that work in the email. VBC 88.3FM website: http://vbc.org.nz/wordpress/blog/ VBC 88.3FM Tumblr Blog (undergoing renovation): http://vbcmusic.tumblr.com/

Key skills

Web Design. Eye for detail. Confidence with HTML/other web-design-ey stuff.

How to apply

Maddie McIntyre madinnz@hotmail.com

Written by

Maddie McIntyre

23 Jan 2013