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Kerina Deas
31 Jan 2013
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Part time employment
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Performing Arts


Bangkok, a stimulating drama about international jetsetters dashing from continent to continent looking for The ONE.

Long after Tom and Faith are convinced there is no point, they persist in their once-yearly meeting by the pool of an over-priced Bangkok hotel.  Faith, an embittered and drink-sodden shadow of her former vivacious self, compels Tom to remind her of the way they were. 

Faith - The Lead - Faith was a strong sexy woman who is now a shadow of her former self. Bitter and broken. A fabulous role to sink your teeth into

Females, aged 27 to 45 

Tom - main Male role. Preferably short, balding and chubby
Males, aged 35 to 45 

Cliff - Asian ethnicity
Males, aged 25 to 40 from Wellington, New Zealand

Chase - The One - rock climber, good looking
Males, aged 25 to 40

“ … the plot flip-flops between a frustrated, angry present, and thrilling, blissful past.  The past becomes like a drug for Faith as she begs Steve to provide memories she can sink into, forgetting her present state.  It is fascinating to watch this reverse downward spiral as Faith becomes more and more obsessed with losing herself in the past, all the while being pulled back to the present along with the audience.”


Jessica Padykula,

Outstanding Performance: Stephanie Baptist,Bangkok, Toronto Fringe 2003

Auditions to be held this coming Sunday and Monday evenings


Key skills

Preferred previous acting experience.

How to apply

For character information and an audition, please contact Kerina Deas at

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24 Jan 2013