Actress needed for music video pitch

Actress needed for music video (pitch)

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SALEM Independent Productions
1 Mar 2013
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Screen & Sound


The name of the musician is Chris Laufman, and he goes by the stagename WISEBLOOD. You can check his work and biography here:

His other music video:

We are a directing duo, Daniel and Gabriel and we call ourselves Salem. We're filming this music video for another one of his songs and pitching it forth to him. The character we are looking for as to be a female actress of 30 to 40 years of age. Little acting experience is necessary, so this would be a perfect gig for an inspiring actress who is willing to be open to ideas and filming by the beach.

The track selected for this music video is acclaimed, relatively new and is anticipated to be the best track in his album. He has just one music video out thus far though (linked above) and thus is open to production of 1 or 2 more as is customary of album releases.

What's in it for you is that if this video gets selected, and the pitch for the music video gets through, you will be having acting exposure on an international platform! Imagine the youtube views. The female lead of this simple but admittedly artsy farsty music video is the one carrying the whole music video through - and the lenses and cinematography in this along with the plot line is flattering to say the least. It will be gobsmackingly beautiful.

So if you are interested in want to get your foot in the acting industry AND being the muse of 2 aspiring film-makers and music afficianados and having a beautiful addition to your portfolio, please come forth.

Key skills

acting, spontaneity

How to apply

Please contact Gabriel at

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Gabriel K

29 Jan 2013