Original Musical Score Composer - 10-min film

Polindale Ltd

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Polindale Productions Ltd
28 Feb 2013
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Music, Screen & Sound


Polindale Productions is looking for a musician to compose an original musical score, 10-minutes in duration. This is an unpaid opportunity.

Polindale Productions has just finished its latest 10-minute Black & White silent film, shot on 35mm film and is set in the 1950s.

Upon completion, we intend to confidently submit this film to international film festivals all over the world.

For anyone who is interested, we will send you a link to the unlisted youtube video of the current rough cut. If you are then interested in composing music to enhance this story and bring it to life, put together a quick demo of what you're going for and send it to us.

We're keen to see how different composers can bring new heart to this film. Surprise us!

We anticipate to choose from a number of different demos, so just quickly put something together that shows us your ideas for the story and we'll respond with our thoughts.

Key skills

  • talent in musical composition
  • means for producing a musical score
  • passion for storytelling through music
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021 023 95873

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Polindale Productions Ltd

15 Feb 2013