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Artz on Show
15 Mar 2013
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Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Education & Development


Artz On Show is looking for a Confident, Organised, and Well Spoken Person to Join our awesome team and Manage our Epsom Performing Arts Workshop which runs every School Holiday during the first week.

This Job would suit a person who is passionate in the arts and wants to share this with 120 energetic and enthuastic children. We are looking for someone who can commit to the Workshop as a regular part of their schedule so would suit someone who already held a job where School Holidays were free for example, a Primary ot Secondary Teacher or Dance School Teacher.

Our dates for this year are:

  • April - 22nd - 26th 2013
  • July - 15th - 19th 2013
  • September 30th - 4th
  • October 2013
  • January 12th - 16th 2014

Workshop manager will be directly concerned with the Welfare of students, Ensuring all staff are on task and are providing appropriate care for the children, and monitoring the Workshop Administration.

Key Skills Required

  • Ability to both lead and support a team
  • Excellent communication and Organisational skills
  • Endless Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Educated in Dance/Drama and or Teaching.
  • Good knowledge in Performing Arts
  • Computer Literate with a focus on Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Great Presentation Skills, confident with speaking in front of large groups
  • Clean Criminal Record.

Key skills

Management skills, organised, comfortable working with children aged 5 - 15, good communication skills, confident

How to apply

please apply with a cover letter and CV outlining your interest in working for Artz on Show and your experience with Managing staff and teaching children. email your application to Charlotte Bunnett at

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Artz On Show Ltd

27 Feb 2013