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Amazon Films
10 Mar 2013
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Screen & Sound, Visual Arts


We are working on a documentary about bullying and have a few testimonies from parents we would like to re-enact to protect their identities.

Most testimonies are fairly short, nearly all consisting of just a handful of paragraphs.

You would not need to learn the script by heart as we'll be making use of an auto-cue, but you would have to be comfortable with the testimony so you can make it come alive for us :)

We're looking for actors aged between 30 and 50, both male and female. We have about ten roles to fill so there's a lot of opportunity for a quick, paid job that shouldn't take you more than an hour to do.

Please send us your CVs and photo(s).

Key skills

good acting skills, familiarity with auto-cue (or learn script by heart), able to make a writen testimony come alive.

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Steve at Amazon Films

0210 264 8320

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Angel Garden

28 Feb 2013

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