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CREATION ADVENTURE 2013 - development program

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Creative Adventures - Lorraine Blackley
22 Feb 2013
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A yearlong journey of enchantment healing and manifestation. Consciously weaving the strands of creation to bring your highest held aspirations into form.

  • Do you have life goals and heart dreams?
  • Do you have a personal or community project or micro enterprise business that you feel alone with, lacking confidence, motivation and momentum?
  • Do you need inspiration and encouragement to get it off the ground and keep it humming along?

Join CREATION ADVENTURE 2013 for a year of collaboration, idea generation and support. Clearing old patterns to make new dreams fly.

Lorraine has been supporting people in the creative and healing professions to bring their projects, dreams or micro enterprise developments to fruition since 1988. Bev Edwards, Healer and modern day Shaman supporting people to come into their authentic self through change and transformation.

Key skills

Entreprenurial, visionary, open to personal development to achieve professionally, holistic in approach, able to work in a group, embracing of change, seeking sustainability<<

How to apply

Lorraine Blackley Ph 027 2838 796

More info in the "news" section on

Bev Edwards Ph 021 0825 2027

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Lorraine Blackley

31 Jan 2013

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