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1 Feb 2015
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Literature & Publishing, Screen & Sound


If you're bored with NZ comedy and think we can do better in this country, let's get together and write something that makes people laugh - and makes them think at the same time. I'm a professional writer, but have never tried my hand at screenwriting. Have heaps of ideas, and am looking for someone to colloborate with. I have the desire, talent and determination to succeed, and i know how to work hard. Love Seinfeld, Conchords, Louie, Curb Your Enthusiam etc. Inspiration from everyday life.

Let's create characters who then can make NZers look at themselves and laugh. Not just dumb Westies smoking weed and drinking, though. Looking to create something with a bit more intelligence and potentially satire. IN fact, let's add an element of satire.


If you're up for it, let's do it. 50/50 split.

Key skills

Ability to laugh, write and work hard.

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27 Feb 2013