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Arts activations in the Whau

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Whau Community Arts Broker
1 Sep 2016
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Funding, Expressions of interest
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Community & Access Arts


The Whau Community Arts Broker invites ideas and proposals for temporary arts activities and activations that need support to be realised across the Whau area from late 2016 to July 2017. Please contact her to discuss your ideas.

The Whau Community Arts Broker and Whau Local Board are interested in supporting arts based projects that are accessible and visible, and that engage with and reflect the diverse population of the area. We are also interested in community initiated projects with an emphasis on embedding creativity in everyday life and engaging with youth. The scope of what can be supported is broad and can include public events, shows and exhibitions or workshops and activities which place an emphasis on process, participation and social agency.

The call is open to projects across all art forms from music and literature to dance, theatre, performance, visual and applied arts.
Projects need to demonstrate a strong connection to the Whau, take place in the Whau area and begin before June 2017
Proposals can be for new initiatives or for an increase in the scope and visibility of an existing project.

Projects may be supported in one or more ways including:

Project funding: The purpose of the available funding is to build connections between art and communities through supporting public presentation, skill sharing, and opportunities for participation in the arts for artists and non artists alike.
Practical assistance: Help with finding locations, permits, planning, and applications for funding, feedback and advice on projects in development
Event or opportunity promotion: through the Arts Whau platforms and networks.

The exact nature of the assistance will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
Proposals which need financial support need to be with the Whau Community Arts Broker before 9 am Thursday 1st of September. Requests for other forms of support can be made at any time during the year.

How to make a proposal:
Proposals are due by 9am 1st of September.

1. Get in contact with the Whau Community Arts Broker, Melissa Laing, and discuss your idea.
Email: broker@artswhau.org.nz
Mobile: 021 1829 451

2. Write your proposal and send it to her as a single document pdf
Include the following information:
A concise description of the event, activity or activation. (No more than 1  page)
An indication of the proposed duration and frequency (this could be one off or repeated, one day, a few months or ongoing)
An explanation of how the activities connect to the Whau area
(This could be that one or more of the initiators are Whau residents, the work responds to a site or history of the Whau area, and/or the project arises out of or works with an arts or community organisation based in the Whau area.)
An indication of your anticipated audience (Who are you targeting this work at and why?)
A summary of the anticipated cost of the project and in what ways you plan to fund it. (Projects may receive funding for costs and artist & organisers fees, however this may not cover the entire cost of your proposed project. Please clearly state the dollar value funding you are seeking in the application)
A brief bio for the key people outlining their professional experience (include links to websites or online documentation if you have them)
A contact name, email address and phone number.

What have we supported before?

We’ve supported a wide range of projects over the last 2 years from a pop-up arts space in the Avondale markets, intergenerational collaborations in storytelling, exhibitions and poster projects to creative workshops, sound walks, jazz concerts and street performances,  You can find a full list of supported projects at www.artswhau.org.nz

Are there any special areas of interest for 2016/17?
We are open to all ideas and locations in the Whau and we love and want to support what you are doing already. However there are some areas we’re hoping to grow this year so they are as strong as everything else. These are:
Projects which reflect the fact that 31% of Whau residents have roots in Asia (this includes South and Southeast Asia)
Projects which engage with the sites and residents of New Windsor.

What do we mean by temporary?
What is considered temporary changes with the project which could span two years or be in the public eye for just one minute. Whether your project will be available to the public for one hour, one day, one week, one month it should have an end point in mind. If the project’s duration is indefinite or will result in a permanent artwork then the Whau Community Arts Broker can point you to the people to talk to and other funding source.

What is the Whau and Whau Community Arts Brokering?
The Whau area encompasses New Lynn, Green Bay, Kelston, Rosebank, Waterview, Avondale, New Windsor and Blockhouse Bay. Read more about the Local Board area here: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/SiteCollectionDocuments/ward_whau.pdf or check it out on the map here http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/2099951#map=13/-36.9071/174.6657 To see what people have been doing in the Whau so far explore our website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or join our mailing list.

Whau Community Arts Brokering is a completemunity service supported by the Whau Local Board that taps into the existing creative community in the Whau area to provide a range of temporary arts activities and activations. Through activating public and community spaces like streets, parks, town centres, community halls, local stages, libraries and empty shops we are seeking to build the local area's communities and creative cultures. The Whau Community Arts Broker for 2016\17 is Melissa Laing.

How to apply

Proposals are due by 9am 1st of September.

Get in contact with the Whau Community Arts Broker, Melissa Laing, and discuss your idea.
Email: broker@artswhau.org.nz
Mobile: 021 1829 451

Written by

Melissa Laing

8 Aug 2016