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Call Out for Participants!

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Depot Artspace
7 Jul 2017
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Community & Access Arts, Culture & Heritage


Gum Sarn: Evolving Notions of the ‘Sweet Earth’ is an exhibition which will explore and celebrate the recent history (the 1900s onwards) of Chinese in New Zealand and showcase significant aspects of a culture which enriches and is integral to New Zealand life. We envisage that it will build awareness and appreciation and through that a community of understanding.

New Zealand has been referred to as ‘Gum Sarn’ (Gold Mountain) by people in China when describing where relatives or friends have gone to. ‘Gum Sarn’ as a description has a base in reality as many Chinese came to New Zealand in search of gold, however ‘Gum Sarn’ also has a mythological thread as its meaning might have changed and been adapted for different generations in different situations.

It’s a participatory exhibition and we would love to hear from you.  We are looking for:

  • Photographs, texts or memorabilia showcasing early Chinese in NZ.
  • Participants for a video project where you describe your ideas on ‘Gum Sarn’, and share stories and memories. This video will screen during the exhibition.
  • Your memories of market gardens, fruit & veggie shops, restaurants and other significant places (e.g. The Peking Restaurant on Victoria Street West, Wah Lee’s). We will pin these places on a large map of Auckland.

Gum Sarn will be at Depot Artspace, Devonport from mid-August to early September 2017.

Many thanks to the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust for funding this exhibition.



How to apply

If you would like to participate, please contact Margaux at 09 963 2328 or margaux.wong@depotartspace.co.nz  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you live outside of Auckland and are interested in participating, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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Depot Artspace

16 May 2017