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Michael B. Writer
29 Dec 2018
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Performing Arts


My role is writer/producer/art director.


the gig:

I have a number of projects in writing development - the first one I'd like to look at developing for preproduction early next year and shooting as soon as we have some funding,

is a feature movie to be shot on video about growing up in New Zealand in the 80s. It's called "Before the console wars"

I'm looking for a co-producer to work closely with me as we solve the following problems:

Raising some funding (at least $900 to feed everyone for 14 days - shooting 7pgs/day 9am-5pm and pay everybody $50 each for the entire shoot)

Ideally we need to raise $20k so we could pay everybody $50/day or $50k so we could increase that and improve the production quality of the project.

Beg or borrow and acquire quotes for those we can't beg or borrow: additional crew, audio and video and lighting equipment, sound mixing and video editing equipment or a skilled crew member who has equipment - same with camera.

Help me put together and tweak the budget and apply for funding.

Find and attach a director with vision.

Collect a talented cast and crew to support the skeleton crew I've already arranged.

Motivate the cast and crew and manage them so they are eager to perform.

Organise preproduction, listing all the resources we do have, might be able to get, and don't have but need.

Take the hassle out of principal photography by being organised.

Oversee post-production.

Make sure the script as written is pretty much what the final cut looks like.

Provide the director with everything he or she needs to realise their vision for the film (based on the script as written)

Organise publicity and distribution.


my writing

A theme that underlies most of my work is paranoid fears. I have a dark, comic style that borders on absurdism and reaches post-modern fantasy for grownups (similar to heavenly creatures or la cite des enfants perdus)

I enjoy writing detailed action sequences inside of philosophical adventure.


additional notes

the first script is still being written but I can provide a rough draft for interested applicants.

this is an unpaid opportunity until we get funding and/or finish and sell the first movie.

I do have a student reel of my video projects from high school and college, via my website but they are very old.

I also have a range of writing samples via my website (and some of my cartooning artworks.)

How to apply

contact me via my website if interested:

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Mike B

20 Dec 2017