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The Dust Palace Scholarship Programme Auditions

The Dust Palace Scholarship Programme Auditions

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The Dust Palace
14 Jul 2018
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Auditions, Awards, grants & residencies
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Community & Access Arts, Performing Arts


The Dust Palace Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for young people aged 10 to 24 with limited resources to access training in the circus arts. 
The scholarship covers fees for one years’ tuition at The Dust Palace School. It is only possible thanks to the generosity of some amazing patrons!!

Circus is an amazing tool for self-development, awareness, motivation, communication skills, confidence, coordination and strength. Our scholarship students gain all this plus a deep sense of community with their circus peers.

You don't need any previous circus or performance experience to audition for the scholarship program! Our scholarship students are chosen for their desire to commit to two classes each week for the year, their financial situation (not being able to afford classes), and their aptitude (keenness) for learning. 

We've got a wide age range because we understand that anyone can be committed to furthering themselves at any age; if you're anywhere between 10 and 24 please feel free to register.

14th July 2018 @ The Dust Palace
(sessions will be 10am and 11:30am but we'll fill the 10am first)
1/739 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland


How to apply

To get a place in the auditions you have to register online.

We have two sessions which run for an hour each. You'll be put into groups and introduced to circus in four stations: Aerial, Acrobatics, Core and Flexibility and Creativity. It's super informal so don't worry at all about any part of it! And of course we'll work to your level and not be expecting you to do anything above your ability.

Head to www.thedustpalace.co.nz/scholarships/ to find out more and register

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Botica Butler Raudon Partners

15 Jun 2018