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Sustainable Taranaki in association with Intercreate.org
30 Apr 2019
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Call for entries
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Community & Access Arts, Culture & Heritage, Visual Arts


Sustainable Taranaki and Intercreate Trust in association with Waitara Initiatives Supporting Employment Trust (WISE), New Plymouth District Council (NPDC) and Taranaki Savings Bank Community Trust are commissioning an important public art work to be placed adjacent to the new Community Reuse and Recycle Centre at Colson Road known as The Junction. The aim is to represent NPDC’s Zero Waste Vision for the Ngāmotu New Plymouth District.

The art work will become a beacon for locals and play an important role in changing local culture in regard to how waste is viewed. Rather than being simply discarded with low economic status, the cultural, textural and creative value of the reclaimed materials used in the art work will assist the transition to a new view of waste and our relationship with the environment. It is hoped that the work, combined with accompanying tours and education programs, will help change the waste practice of Taranaki residents, allowing the District to achieve the vision of Zero Waste by 2050.

The successful artist or group will receive a fee of $12,000 (GST inclusive). Proposals are due on the 30th of April 2019. View the application requirements here. The application form is accessed from this page.

Educational and interpretive material
The sculpture or assemblage will play a role in education programmes for locals of all ages, from school children to seniors. The commissioned artist or group should consider writing the content to be used for educational and interpretive materials as part of the commission, and consider how the sculpture could play a part in school visits and group tours.

Documentation of the selected reclaimed materials used in the work and their source should be a key feature of interpretive materials, so that the work can be an education tool in reuse and waste minimisation in itself. The construction process and artist may also be featured in video and photographic records to be used in promotion and education at The Junction.

Consultation and design refinements
The selected artist/s are expected to meet with all project partners to discuss the finalisation of the design, and to inform the creation of accompanying educational and interpretive materials.

Location and timing
The sculpture is planned to be situated at the entrance to The Junction approximately on the site indicated in the drawings, to be the central visual feature attracting and welcoming visitors, and representing the Zero Waste vision of the Centre and District.

The commissioned project should be completed on site at the The Junction in October or November of 2019. The successful artist will be required to complete an OHS application and become an NPDC-approved contractor (Intercreate will assist in this process as required). The artist will also need to liaise with Intercreate, the construction company and project managers overseeing the construction of The Junction, to meet on-site OHS requirements during in-situ construction.

The artist or group is expected to reside in the area for the duration of construction and be present at the launch, planned for October/November 2019. Please note the timeframe is dependent of the programme of building works.

Ideally the sculpture will be made predominantly of locally-sourced reclaimed materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill. If required, New Plymouth District Council is able to support the selected artist/s with materials from the transfer station drop off area at Colson Road.

Materials must be suited to the proposed location for the work, able to endure exterior environmental conditions while maintaining it’s structural form, being a safe structure and requiring low maintenance.

Additional materials, construction and processes with other sustainability benefits such as low toxicity, low energy use or utilisation of renewable energy will be considered positively.




How to apply

Application is via online form. Proposal requirements are found here.

Written by

Ian Clothier

11 Mar 2019