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The Flint Street Nativity 2019

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15 May 2019
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Community & Access Arts, Design, Performing Arts


Staging a community theatre production at The Dolphin Theatre - Onehunga Auckland of the very entertaining Flint Street Nativity and looking to fill these 3 volunteer positions

1. Set designer: Set design for a standard theatre stage.

Concepts - nativity play, school age kids played by adults, Recreating an 80s-90s classroom.

2. Lighting designer: Lighting design for theatre

Concepts: Nativity play colours, changes of emotional state conveyed by lighting. Key character of the headmistress (unseen) represented by lighting state.

3. Production assistant: supporting the director, cast management, communications. Getting the big picture's little pieces lined up,.


Why volunteer?

It's going to be a fun show that represents a real passion-piece for all involved.

Work with an award winning director.

The production is staged in November of 2019. 

How to apply

Please contact the director at to register your interest in being part of the creative team and for more details.

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8 Apr 2019