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Call for Entries - Shoes Extravaganza 2019 - Fantastical/Sculpture or Contemporary/Fashion Shoe Design Competition & Awards

Shoe Design Competition and Awards 2019

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Shoes Extravaganza
1 Aug 2019
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Call for entries
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Shoes Extravaganza 2019. To enter go to https://shoesextravaganza.com/about/

1. Contemporary/Fashion: Using well resolved leading edge design to create shoes with some retail potential, this category rewards excellence in innovation and imagination. Shoes need to be size 39-40 (European) and must be crafted from scratch. These shoes need to be wearable and walkable.

2. Sculptural/Fantastical: Use your imagination to create sculptural or outrageously impossible fantasy shoes of an ordinary size 39-40cm (European) which stimulate all the senses and inspire the fantasies of the audience. Shoes in this category do not have to be wearable or walkable. At least 50% of the shoes must be crafted from scratch.

Prizes: Contemporary/Fashion winner – $700, runner up $300. Sculptural/Fantastical shoes winner – $700, runner up – $300

Awards night Sat. 2nd November 7.30pm venue tbc.

For general inspiration and hundreds of examples of amazing shoes go to  http://www.virtualshoemuseum.com

Questions? email Annie @ enquiries@shoesextravaganza.com





How to apply

To enter go to https://shoesextravaganza.com/about/

Shoes have many layers of meaning; – historical, social, philosophical, political, visual, functional, playful, fetishistic, they provide a rich ground for artistic & creative exploration.

Shoes are at the heart of the Shoes Extravaganza event. You are invited to submit your entry (a pair, size 39-40 European) for initial selection by the organiser. Upload photographs via this website ENTER button online. Entries now open, close 1 August 2019. 

$40 per entry. Successful selected shoes must be sent to Auckland by August 11th where they are catalogued and stored carefully, then curated for the exhibition.

Successful shoe entries can be for sale by agreement (except for winning and runner up entries receiving prize money – these shoes are retained by the organiser).

Bring out the inner shoe queen in you and have some fun creating! Don’t be shy. 

Written by

Annie Tatton

22 May 2019

  Creator of Shoes Extravaganza, 2016.  Master of Arts Management, Master of Art & Design, AUT. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Auckland Fringe Festival - 'Milk and Mucus' exploring the catwalk & gender.