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Theatrical Scriptwriter

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Nanogirl Labs
30 Aug 2019
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Education & Development, Performing Arts


About Nanogirl Labs

Nanogirl Labs is trying to change the world. We inspire, educate and empower through STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths.

We are curious and passionate, and through our work combine our love of science and technology with a deep love of people, and a belief in their potential.

We care about the world at large, but one key mission that drives us is the belief that everyone –Everyone – should have access to quality science and technology education, and that the future of our communities depends on that urgent mission. To make that happen we create surprising, delightful and impactful experiences that are both educational and entertaining.

Founders Joe Davis and Dr. Michelle Dickinson created Nanogirl Labs in 2016. The company currently owns and runs the ‘Nanogirl’ brand – a children’s character focused on exciting and inspiring young people in STEM fields, and ‘The Kitchen Science Cookbook’ – a recipe book empowering parents to explore science at home with their children.

We also get involved in consultancy projects to support companies in strategy, innovation and diversity initiatives. Our focus in this work is on helping to build great workplaces for future STEM graduates to join, and to develop partnerships that support our work with young people.

We are a socially conscious business. We assess and care for our impact, alongside our profitability, and actively seek ways to engage and educate those who might otherwise be left behind.


Purpose of the Job

One of our key products is our Nanogirl Live! theatrical science show. We combine theatrical elements of character and narrative with our explosive science demonstrations to create an entertaining, memorable and educational experience.

We are developing a brand-new show that will tour New Zealand in November this year, and we are looking for an amazing scriptwriter with a knack for engaging young audiences to join the team and help us bring the story to life.

Within the contract, you will:

  • Work with our team to develop a narrative for the show, combining elements of story, drama, and of course science (we’ll take care of the experiments – you’ll just need to help us tie them in to the story!).

  • Develop and deliver (likely with a couple of revisions) a script for the show.

  • Attend and support the Director and wider production team at a pre-tour rehearsal, makingany adjustments to the script as required


Key Characteristics for the Role

We look for people with special characteristics first, then skills second. We look for curious intelligence, kindness, empathy, integrity, self-awareness, work ethic and tons of initiative. If that’s you, that’s a great start, and here’s what else we’re looking for:

Creative Vision – You understand how to craft and tell persuasive, engaging stories through your work. You have good experience developing work for young audiences.

Strong Communicator – You know how to get a message across, and understand that nuance matters in communication.

Teamwork - You listen well, engage others, and are comfortable working in a creative team environment. Success in this work means bringing together a lot of different skillsets.Mission Driven – It matters to you that your work will contribute to an important mission.Flexibility – Things change and evolve, and you are comfortable with that. You adapt and roll with it, while still making sure you get the job done.

Resilience – You persevere to achieve goals, even in the face of obstacles. You cope effectively with disappointments and setbacks. You remain calm and in control under pressure. You accept constructive criticism in an objective manner without becoming defensive.

Kind – you fit in well with our operating style and values.

Self-motivated – you love making things happen, and don’t need close supervision to deliver.

.... And maybe you’ll have some amazing and valuable skill/experience that we haven’t even thought of that would make you great at this job. We still want to talk to you.



How to apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter, along with any relevant examples of your work, to work@nanogirllabs.com by Close of Business Friday 30th August 2019.
If you have any questions, please send them to the same address and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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Nanogirl Labs

21 Aug 2019

Nanogirl Labs is social enterprise created to inspire, educate and empower as many people as possible through technology, engineering and science.  One of our core areas of work is Nanogirl Live! - a live, theatrical science show.  Created in New Zealand, Nanogirl Live!