Call for proposals for Changing Lanes

Shannon Novak 'Alight' / Changing Lanes 2019

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Artweek Auckland
10 Jul 2020
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Call for entries, Expressions of interest
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Visual Arts


Changing Lanes is a collaborative project funded by Heart of the City and facilitated by Artweek Auckland. A number of Auckland city centre spaces will be transformed by artist activations during Artweek Auckland 2020. The project aims to help create connections in our community, provide opportunities for artists and enhance public spaces.


Artists are asked to consult with stakeholders to develop a concept that responds to an issue and/or opportunity identified with the following principles in mind:

  • Context of place – Concepts should be cognizant of both the physical and social environment, considering all of its user groups; businesses, residents, visitors alike.
  • Heritage and/or potential of place – Where possible, signals to the history or future aspirations of the location.
  • Bring to attention the uniqueness of the spaces as pedestrian walking routes, intimate city business locations and spaces and – especially alternative commuter’s passageways especially during the current construction period.
  • Acknowledge the impacts of COVID 19 on Aucklanders and the celebration that Artweek brings to the city to enjoy the art, transform space and uplift spirits.



  • Occurs in the public space.
    Artists may work with whichever materials and methods of their choice however, are subject to health and safety and Council permitting requirements, appropriate durability, weight and security of the artwork.


Each treatment/installation must be in place for the duration of Artweek Auckland festival; 10–18 October. Installations need to be durable and sustainable for the 10-day period, night and day. Artists also need to factor in weather contingencies, in case of any potential damage to installations caused by weather. Aerial works are favoured to avoid deliberate or accidental removal of works or damage and tampering – note the limited availability of aerial fixing points in some of the specified locations. Artists are to use authorised installers and not attach anything onto the walls or windows of protected historic buildings.



  • Concept design
  • Engagement with surrounding businesses and/or residents
  • Creation, installation and break-down of installation – and all project management and co-ordination of additional contractors if relevant
  • Any additional activation on Late Night Art – Tuesday 13 October
  • Complete all relevant permitting information for inclusion in the event permit in a timely manner and health and safety planning
  • Ensure site health and safety requirements are met
  • Evaluation


Spaces/Lanes suggestions for submissions:
Durham St East, Durham Lane, Lower Vulcan Lane, Lamp posts along High Street, Chancery Square – subject to property manager approval. Little High St – subject to Building Manager approval and Elliott Street. We are also open to other public spaces (in the arts quarter or High Street District of the city centre) – please include a recommendation for an alternative location as part of your submission (this would be subject to approval by Council or the building owner as part of the submission).


BUDGET: $5000 + GST per site (including installation costs).

How to apply

For further details on sites or to apply, please email:
Proposal deadline: 5pm, Friday 10 July

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Artweek Auckland

28 May 2020

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