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Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards 2020

Job details

Westland Arts Inc (WAI)
4 Nov 2020
West Coast
Work type
Call for entries
Work classification
Visual Arts


  • Up to 25 artworks will be shortlisted for judging. Each finalist receives a $250 grant and freights the artwork to Hokitika for judging and photographing.
  • Award winners are announced and featured on the website. Finalists’ artworks are returned to artists.
  • Large photographic panels of the finalists’ artworks are displayed in an exterior exhibition in Weld Lane (Hokitika) and other West Coast towns.
  • QR codes link each image to the website with further links to each artist.

Entry information

  • Open to all artists resident on the West Coast Te Tai o Poutini, or with a connection to the West Coast.
  • Entries are limited to two PER ARTIST.
  • Entry is by digital photograph of your artwork uploaded to the Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards website. Digital art files may be uploaded directly. Information about image requirements can be found here.
  • No entry fee is required for 2020.
  • No Commission will be charged on sales for 2020.
  • All sales are to be conducted directly by the artist. Contact details for each artist will be displayed with each entry on the website.
  • The sale price must be clearly marked on your entry form. If you do not want to sell your artwork, write NFS (Not For Sale) on your entry form.
How to apply

To enter, upload a digital photo of your 2d or 3d visual artwork for display on Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards website:

Written by

Te Tai o Poutini Art Awards

14 Sep 2020